Ta-Da! Meet Me at the R&F Barn.

Who knew I would love giving clinics this much? I’ve always done a scant few a year, usually here at the Home Barn but the last two years have been a wild time, I clocked 64,000 miles traveling for clinics this year, meeting so many more horses and riders than I could by staying local.

I combined my past experience attending clinics, with what I now teach, seasoned with how I wish clinicsThe result is that I’m on the biggiest learning curve ever.. I found out being a clinician like riding; you get better the more time you spend in the saddle.

There is a comment I hear often, “I can’t unsee this.” I took it as a compliment, that I’d done a good job describing and explaining. I was always backed up by horses who stood next to me, body language saying the thing I was verbalizing. The people who come to my clinics are open minded and trying their best for their horses. It’s a happy bubble in a complicated horse world. Sometimes people complained that they couldn’t find a local trainer like me, and I’d smile. I can be dense sometimes.

On a trip to the hotel after a clinic, the organizer asked if we could talk about my business. There isn’t a dummies guide for being a clinician and I’ve been trying to keep up with self-care, the right shoes, and being away from my barn. I’m up for any advice anyone has so I said, please, yes. 

Then she also added I wasn’t getting younger which might hit some ears with a sour note. If it does, I suggest traveling 

I’m told blogs are terribly outdated now. A thing of the distant past. But
I have no plans for extinction. The opposite of a T-Rex, I am a blogasaurus, spindly legs but very agile fingers, and The blog will continue as it has for nine year. Twice a week and free.

The blog will always be free! Free to read, free of sponsors, and free of ads. Free as a gallop, just like always. That will never change.

find me on FB here and here. But on the off chance that Facebook goes extinct, killed by its own demons or something, I want to invite you to the Barn.

if you want a more, come into the Barn. 

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