Calming Signals and Peaceful Horses

Someone asked how she could tell her horse liked here… that part is coming but I’ve gotten out of order. How I can tell is I’ve been flooded with questions about calming signals that are being confused with affection. Let’s start at the beginning, now that it’s too late. Here is the real question: How can I tell my horse is happy?

don’t go nuts on me here, I never said you may never touch your horse again. I simply suggest that you be aware of how senstivie a horse’s nose is, and if you listen, that you educate yourself on calming signals, because their wellbeing depends, not on us cuddling and having our egos stroked, but on being listened to.

can horses be happy, satisfied, safe with other horses,

Proud Spirit

we know they can sense our fear. What else can they sense? Are we showing them our best side?

Learning to read calming signals, understanding anxiety better has been a huge boon to me in training.¬†Does it feel like a jagged, trying-too-hard energy? That’s anxiety.

how presumptuous and condescending,like missionaries and armies that think How many cultures have we destroyed thinking that we knew best and our way was better.

Anna Blake

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