Calming Signals and Funktionslust

Now that I’ve ruined your girl hood fantasies,  I wanted to be rescued by the knight’s white steed, little did I know. If we don’t hug their faces, maul their noses, and suck the air out of their nostrils, what can we do. redeffine liberty in all endeavors. do more than sit and read. how about a relationship on his terms. What I am learning from you, Anna, is helpful as I work to understand the horse. What I am left with is that anyone who truly wants their horse to be content will let them “be a horse”. So, from that I conclude that we shouldn’t ride them or handle them but instead, ensure their safety and physical needs are met and then let them alone. Any other intrusion and you’ve made this clear, is anxiety inducing and stressful. So why do you continue to own horses? With a barn and tack and expectations? I will continue to be a devoted reader but I am struggling to decode your real message. Humans are extremists. On top of that, we take everything personally. Every moment isn’t forever, it’s just a snapshot-second. We are looking for a tendency on the continuu. Can I give you my definition of stress? Being alive. Do I think horses should be abandoned. No, they’d hate that. Do we over-handle them? Yes. ride with Funktionslust.   horses are always on a tendency between bordom and overwhelm Because just being alive is stressful, that during times of stress is when I can help the most.

Anna Blake

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